All foods begin to deteriorate when exposed to the oxygen in air, and lose nutritional value.  Initially this deterioration is very slight, but the rate of nutritional loss increases with time. Therefore to be sure that your dog is getting the best from his food, it needs to be fresh, or have been packed in a manner that excludes oxygen.  At Ultimate we manufacture in batches, not a continuous process, and therefore we carry minimum stocks.  Regularly our product is in the retailer’s hands within a few days of manufacture, not months as some imported products.


Ultimate Feeds Ltd is a family owned business, a family who also breed and work dogs.  Therefore quality is more important than price in selecting raw materials.  Protein, fats, vitamins and minerals are all in a form that your dog can readily digest.  All antioxidants are natural (tocopherols, rosemary, citric acid) and all raw materials are GE free.  Wherever possible those raw materials are selected from the human food chain.  All formulae comply to AAFCO specifications as premium products.  The formulae are fixed, and are not altered due to availability or price of ingredients. No artificial colourings or flavourings are used.  The products are processed by the extrusion method, where the cooking is done in less than a minute, compared to the 40 minutes necessary when manufactured by baking.


As Ultra dog feeds are made locally, using locally sourced raw materials, the savings obtained from no international freight, MAF, biosecurity, and Customs charges, and importers charges, are reflected in the price to you.

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Ultimate Feeds Ltd, a 100% New Zealand family owned and operated business, was founded in 2001 with the objective of supplying a premium quality dry dog food at an affordable price. 

The services of a New Zealand based animal food nutritionalist, Ms Jenny Anderson, were contracted to formulate a range of products, covering growth (puppy) adult maintenance, and active (working). The specifications called for New Zealand sourced raw materials, from the human food chain where possible. The product was to be wheat free, G.E. free, and completely natural. New Zealand sourced raw materials are preferred as there is no G.E. grains grown here, and the stock from which muscle meat is obtained is grass fed, not G.E. modified grain fed, or steroid fed as happens in some overseas countries. Also there is no foot and mouth, or mad cow disease in this country. The specifications have been analysised by Massey University to confirm that they meet AAFCO requirements.

A modern extrusion plant was installed in Auckland late in 2002, and the first production run done on December 28, 2002.

Since that time there have been many improvements in the manufacturing procedures and formula to ensure that only product of the highest quality is produced.

Massey University, an AAFCO approved testing agency, have recently confirmed that our products meet the latest AAFCO specifications.

The savings gained from no fancy packaging, no international freight, no MAF or custom clearances, and no extra middleman (the importer) are reflected in the pricing structure.